Austin Growth Capital



M&A Advisory

It can be difficult to know how to approach selling a business, from inception to execution. As an M&A Advisor, Austin Growth Capital helps companies maximize value for shareholders through an effective structured process that positions a company in the best manner and attracts qualified buyers. In this way, we facilitate successful exit strategies and help clients prepare well in advance for these outcomes.

Strategy Consulting

It is easy for companies and entrepreneurs to miss out on an effective wealth-preserving strategy or to make significant mistakes as they grow their business. The AGC team uses its resources and experience to provide consulting services such as the development of business plans, strategic operating plans, feasibility studies, or pre-transaction planning. Our investment banking model strives to help our clients make intelligent, informed decisions at each stage in order to avoid significant pitfalls and maximize outcomes.

Structured Finance

Different needs require different solutions. Whether re-capitalizing a company balance sheet or providing financing for transactions, appropriate financing structures can optimize financial returns. With extensive history in structured credit facilities, the AGC team will analyze, structure, and close transactions to achieve the objective. In addition to financing, the use of interest rate caps, collars, or swaps can drive significant value for a client. This is especially important for longer-term financing needs such as acquisitions and real estate investments.

Strategic Advisory

The question of how much a company is worth can be difficult for private companies to answer, especially given the private market’s lack of transparency. AGC can help stakeholders identify how much a company may be worth, develop strategies to increase value, and design a process to maximize the after-tax proceeds from the sale of a business.

Capital Sourcing

We offer quality companies an institutional and creative approach to solving capital needs. By leveraging industry-leading technology and a vast network of sophisticated investors and subject matter experts, our team excels at finding the right capital partners and competitive terms for our clients. There are many lesser-known strategies which, when structured effectively, can supercharge returns. Sources include equity, mezzanine, credit, tax vehicles, and others. Often, the best structure is a combination.